About VeloSwap

VeloSwap is Colorado’s annual bike swap and expo. If you love riding a bike, you belong at VeloSwap. Cyclists, families, collectors, or gift hunters–all are welcome at VeloSwap, where guests will find end-of-season, clearance discounts on thousands of new and used bikes, apparel, socks, helmets, shoes, components, memorabilia, and much more. In a lively, no-pressure environment, guests enjoy shopping for all things cycling, test rides and demos, and the opportunity to speak with experts and cycling advocacy groups.

Enjoy a full day immersed in the cycling lifestyle! Bring your buddies, bring the family, bring some cash to VeloSwap. Plan your day at VeloSwap with these helpful tips. Reserve a vendor booth space.

Saturday, November 6th
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

National Western Complex
4655 Humboldt St.
Denver, CO 80216

History of VeloSwap

VeloSwap was started in 1989 by VeloNews art director Dan Wildhirt because he and his friends needed to get rid of extra bike equipment at the end of the season. That inaugural event was held outdoors at a Boulder cyclo-cross race. Over the next few years the swap outgrew all possible venues in Boulder and so it moved to nearby Denver where it found a home at the sprawling National Western Complex, famous for rodeos and stock shows. VeloSwap developed into the world’s largest single-day consumer bike expo and swap, taking up more than 140,000 square feet.

The show quickly became known as the place to find great deals and a hotspot for collectors. Bike shops from all over the US use the season-ending event to flush-out inventory that they don’t want to carry into the winter season. Because those first in line found the best deals, attendees began lining up before dawn just to get into the event first, which opens at 10 am.

Our Vision

Positively impact health and wellness in Colorado through the various outdoor lifestyles.

Our Mission

Provide an environment to grow awareness and participation in the active, healthy, outdoor lifestyle of cycling in communities across Colorado.

Our Values

Inspiration. We believe that the cycling lifestyle – based on a passion for year-round outdoor activities – can inspire people throughout their lives.
Nature. We believe that the nature rejuvenates and inspires.
Every Day. We believe that nature gives us opportunities for outdoor activities every day in every place.
Community. We believe that outdoor activity can bring people of different backgrounds together, helping our community and country become a better place.


Did you know that VeloSwap donates $10,000 to Colorado and Denver-based cycling non-profits?  We are community-minded and value our relationship with those that are supporting the cycling movement in the Front Range. Help us support them and visit the many vendors who also support VeloSwap by visiting them

Bicycle colorado

Bicycle Colorado is a long time supporter of VeloSwap making it on of their Champion Events.  VeloSwap and Bicycle Colorado work throughout the year on collaborative projects and support of the local cycling community.

Bicycle Aurora

Bicycle Aurora has been involved with VeloSwap longer than the current team that manages the event.  They not only tape out the floor, but also provide security throughout the VeloSwap day.