Plan Your Day

VeloSwap is massive! We offer over 400 vendor booths in 130,000 square feet of warehouse-style space.

Here are some suggestions to help formulate your game plan.

Get Tickets Now and Beat the Line

The best selection of products is, of course, early in the day, which is why many veteran Velo Swappers will start lining up on Humboldt St. an hour or more before the doors open at 10 a.m. Advance ticket holders will line up outside the South Lobby and will definitely get into the show before those guests purchasing day-of tickets. If beating the rush is important to you, consider getting your tickets online in advance.

If you’re okay spending a few minutes in the ticket line, the North Lobby offers day-of tickets for cash and credit card.

Come With a Plan, or a Partial Plan

There is so much product at VeloSwap that coming with a partial plan of what you are looking for is a great idea! You’ll find new and used bikes, new helmets, jerseys, shorts, socks, gifts, collector’s items, and much more. What’s on your list? Does your kid need a bike to get to school? Are you looking for a cruiser to jam around town? Are you on the hunt for an exciting find?

Plan for Nourishment

Shopping is strenuous, plan ahead to keep your energy up.  The National Western Complex has several food courts on the show floor offering hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ, fries, sodas, and beer. Guests are welcome to bring in snacks, but outside food is against the National Western rules. And some nutrition vendors may offer food samples.

Have an Open Mind

So we said, come with a plan, but remember, there are so many deals to be had, be flexible and know that deviating from the plan is A-OK!  Stuff will grab you your eye and it is fine to stop and take a look as you search for those items at the top of your list.  You know, Christmas is coming…

Cash Is King

If you are like me, you rarely carry much cash!!  But VeloSwap is the time to make an exception!  How much to bring?  That depends on what you are shopping for.  If you are looking for a pair of socks, $5 will be fine.  If you are looking for that new Carbon Tri Bike, $2000+ may be more necessary.  VeloSwap is different than eBay as you get to haggle, and having a wad of 20s can be very persuasive.

Stay to the End!

The best deals are at the end, if that prize piece you are eyeing is still there.  That is the gamble: do you grab it quick before anyone else does or wait and hope no one else buys it? Prices ALWAYS drop the last hour of the show!  Frequently the seller does not want to cart it home, so deals and negotiating are more common toward the end of the day.

What Else?

There are a ton of fun activities on the floor of VeloSwap. Visit with suppliers and reps, and more. Don’t bug out early, stay and check everything VeloSwap has to offer.

Most Important

Have fun! VeloSwap is all about fun.