Plan Your Day

VeloSwap is massive, 130,000 sq ft +.  You have two options before you come:

  1. Make a plan, know what you are looking for, and figure out how to attack the floor
  2. Shoot from the hip and totally wing it.

VeloSwap is massive (did we mention that?) and it can be overwhelming.  But, it is also So Exciting with deals, educations and cycling fanatics galore!!  Here are my suggestions, and hopefully I know a thing or two as I run the show!!

Come With a Plan, or a Partial Plan

There is so much product at VeloSwap coming with a partial plan of what you are looking for is a great idea!  Top lining the key elements you are looking for is super important to keep you on track and not side tracked by the incredible eye candy galore.  And prioritized, put the big items at the top of the list and get those first, then you can fill in on the smaller items that are less important.

But be prepared, there are so many great deal and amazing product you.

Plan for Nourishment

Shopping is strenuous, plan ahead to keep you energy up.  The National Western Complex has many eating establishments, but, they are not exactly cycling friendly.  Although you cannot bring in your own BBQ, you pack some hi protein nutritious food to keep you strong during those red dot specials.  Of course, there are always many sample to be had on the show floor and we all need a large Brat and Beer one in a while.

Have an Open Mind

So we said, come with a plan, but remember, there are so many deals to be had, be flexible and know that deviating from the plan is A-OK!  Stuff will grab you your eye and it is fine to stop and take a look as you search for those items at the top of your list.  You know, Christmas is coming…

Cash is King

If you are like me, you rarely carry much cash!!  But VeloSwap is the time to make an exception!  How much to bring?  That depends on what you are shopping for.  If you are looking for a pair of socks, $5 will be fine.  If you are looking for that new Carbon Tri Bike, $2000+ may be more necessary.  VeloSwap is different than eBay as you get to haggle, and having a wad of 20s can be very persuasive.

Stay to the Bitter End!!

The best deals are at the end, if that prize piece you are eyeing is still there.  That is the gamble, do you grab it quick before anyone else does, or, wait and hope no one else buys it.  Prices ALWAYS drop the last hour of the show!  Frequently the seller does not want to cart it home, so deal are prevalent.

What Else?

There are a ton of fun activities on the floor of VeloSwap including bike demos, Best Bike’s VeloLounge, Bikes Together Education Area, Visit with suppliers and reps, and more. Don’t bug out early, stay and check everything VeloSwap has in order.

Most Important

Have Fun! VeloSwap is all about fun. See what Grind TV had to say about VeloSwap!