VeloSwap Bike Expo to be canceled in 2022

Hello All,

We are reaching out today to confirm our decision to cancel the 2022 VeloSwap Bike Expo.   

There has been an unprecedented couple of years in the second hand bike space which is starting to revert to the “new normal”.  There were a number of questions that we were unable to solve for this year.  There were no industry partners willing to support the event and with a low vendor turnout projection, we are just unable to guarantee the quality of the event for this year.  

We will continue to explore ways to bring the VeloSwap Bike Expo back to Denver in 2023 and will look for community partners to help resource this.  

In the meantime, our colleagues at the online marketplace Pink Bike are available for those consumers looking to buy or sell in the short term.


If you have further questions please reach out to

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