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Consumer Demo

Capitalize on 8,500 attendees already coming to VeloSwap

Welcome to the Consumer Expo & Demo in partnership with VeloSwap. VeloSwap delivers eyeballs and influencers, don’t miss this opportunity!

The Consumer Expo & Demo is the perfect opportunity to collaborate and showcase not only your retail storefront and brands, but to work with the supplier reps to tell the complete story of the brands you carry and the knowledge of your staff.  Help your existing customers and, potential new customers, make the best buying decisions for that coveted new ride, be that purchase this year or next.

This Expo & Demo will attract not only a larger audience, but also a different audience, those less looking for the deal, but searching for information to make a more informed bike selection.  The benefits of adding this event to VeloSwap is that there is already a huge attendance insuring this Expo & Demo will be successful from the beginning.

Then, while the day is winding down, hang with your customers while you slowly pack-up and have a few beers at the VeloLounge located alongside the Expo & Demo.