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Maximize Your VeloSwap Experience

Are you ready to maximize your time at VeloSwap as a vendor? Please us with details of what you will be doing and we can share them through the VeloSwap website and social media channels. We ask that you also share through your social media channels that you will be at VeloSwap and invite your friends and customers to visit you there.


Suppliers, Retailers & Reps

  • Tell us what you are doing and we will help promote
    • Are you demoing bikes or other products?
    • Are you sampling?
    • Do you have something interactive?
    • Be creative, but tell us.
  • Send us a logo
  • Post through your social media channels and invite your existing customers to visit you at VeloSwap
  • Share our logo and link to the info page
  • Sharing Tools:


Clubs / Teams & Non-Profits



VeloSwap logo that you can copy:

VeloSwap Post Card:

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